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Joe Brockhoff on the RBI Pro Swing - Tulane University Hall of Fame Coach

"I have been involved in baseball for many, many years, as a former professional player with the New York Yankee organization, and coach of youth, high school, and college baseball.  And after producing a complete hitting program titled The Super 8 Hitting System, which has been very well received throughout the country, and around the world.  It has been proven to me there are many ways that people learn baseball skills:


First:  Words (what we hear)

Second:  Visual (seeing examples of correct skills)

And third:  Getting the feeling for the correct action.  (This is most important). The RBI Pro Swing does exactly this.  It helps the hitter get the “feel” for the right action and gain an understanding of the best technique for hitting a baseball.

The best teaching products in baseball are those that not only teach the hitter proper mechanics, but they also teach how to build the habit of getting it right.

There is an old saying, "Practice makes perfect."  But practice doesn’t always make perfect.    Practice makes permanent.  Therefore, imperfect  practice will never be productive practice.  The RBI Pro Swing guides the hitter to develop the perfect stroke.  It helps him get the “feeling” for the proper action and produce “perfect practice.”  The RBI Pro Swing therefore becomes a good friend, always there to be used over and over again to build good habits.

I recommend having a hitting practice schedule that includes the RBI Pro Swing on a regular basis, knowing that using it properly will improve hitting by getting the feeling for the proper stroke, and developing good habits by using it repeatedly.

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Power Swoosh

Check out Josh Womack and his amazing bat tricks
with the RBI Pro Swing(Click Here)

Discover Bat Lag to Contact

More Power, More Control


Body generated power.  Hands and arms are tight as hitter steps and rotates toward pitch.  As arms are being thrown through the zone, the shot is still located at the bottom of the chamber

At point of impact, hands and body uncoil quickly to transfer maximum energy to the ball.  The transfer of energy is illustrated through the SWISH or POP of the shot as it travels through the RBI Pro Swing chambers.

This is a hitting aid designed for all ages and all genders alike. It is designed to assist you with hand speed when swinging the bat. The RBI Pro Swing will teach everyone the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing.

The RBI Pro Swing began as an idea when a father determined to help his son with his swing. Over the years and the many coaches, there was one central theme emphasized to all the youngsters when approaching the plate. "Quick hands, quick hands!" Everyone in baseball can agree on this one idea through all levels. Thus the RBI Pro Swing was born.


"With its dual purpose of a swing trainer and on deck weight, there is no better tool for getting loose in the on deck circle while you continue to train yourself just before stepping into the batter's box."
"If you want immediate feedback on your swing path, the RBI Pro Swing is the best tool I have used."
Rusty Greer's 3 Hitting Drills

Rusty Greer's 3 Hitting Drills

In order to illustrate the use of quick hands, it was necessary to demonstrate a reaction to this process. The idea of transferring energy through the body, through the hands and into the bat was then postulated. However, this transfer could be distributed throughout the length of a swing. An improper swing, for instance, would tend to drag the bat through the hitting zone and thus the power from your swing is distributed as well. A good swing transfers all your energy at the exact point of impact. It was realized that the POP of the shot traveling through the chamber not only demonstrates the transfer of energy but as well the power transferred at this moment.

The RBI Pro Swing patent application was submitted in the Spring of 2007 and immediately endorsed by Rusty Greer of the Texas Rangers. Since then, the RBI Pro Swings has found coaches, trainers and dads alike. The RBI Pro Swing has even been seen on the spring training fields of the New York Yankees.

Your feedback is very important to us and we will do everything to fulfill your wishes.





Buying a wood bat is the most important item for today's ball player.  Please look our selections over as these bats have been recommended by over 380 players of the
Northwest Independent Baseball League
a 16 Team Semi-Pro League in Portland Oregon.

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